Marvel’s Eternals will be the first release in theatres and then on Disney++

Eternals Updates: Marvel’s Eternals won’t be streaming on YouTube the same day it is released in theaters. It was questioned whether the highly anticipated Marvel movie would be available on Disney Plus, like Black Widow, when the Scarlett Johansson-directed film was released in July.

Eternals will release on November 5, and there will be a 45-day window for theatrical release before it becomes available on Disney+. The movie will be available on Disney+ in January, or you can view it in theaters.

The animated musical “Encanto” will be in theatres for 30 consecutive days starting November 24, before being shifted to Disney+. This is a win for Kevin Feige, chief Marvel Studios. He has been vocal both internally and in the media about Marvel’s feature film that will only be available in theatres.

Marvel’s first theatrical release, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has raked in more than USD105.9 million domestically to Wednesday. It is the lowest MCU feature movie collection, but it also means that “Shang-Chi” has outperformed the theatrical collection of “Black Widow”, which earned USD 100.7million at the time it was released theatrically in July on Disney+ Premier Access.

Eternals Theatres Release Date

Marvel's Eternals will be the first release in theatres and then on Disney++

Bob Chapek, the CEO of Chapek Films, said that the theatrical release of “Shang-Chi” would be a 45-day experiment. Everyone agreed that the theatrical release would be affected by the delta variant of COVID infections. This would affect how the studio plans to proceed with its theatrical releases in 2021.

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Disney’s 30-day theatrical release of ‘Encanto” is a new kind of experiment that allows Disney to make box office collections over Thanksgiving and December, before the film moves to Disney+ for Christmas.

Marvel’s Eternals will be thrilling to see along with the other four movies on the slate: ‘The Last Duel’ (15 October), ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ (22 October) and ‘West Side Story’ (10 December) and ‘The King’s Man’ (22 December).

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