Meta outlines the steps being taken to build the metaverse

AFP News: Wednesday’s talk by Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg about his company’s efforts in building the metaverse. This immersive virtual world he describes as the future of Facebook, was praised Wednesday by AFP News.

There are doubts about whether the large metaverse investments will be a success for Meta. The company changed its name from Facebook last January to emphasize its shifting focus, but critics say it was to distract attention from negative media reports.

Meta is being challenged by formidable competitors like Microsoft, Google and Apple.

What is MetaVerse?

The metaverse is an interactive 3D virtual world that allows people to interact with sensors, headgear and other gadgets.

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s first metaverse platform, allows users to interact virtually with avatars while representing themselves.

Meta outlines the steps being taken to build the metaverse

Zuckerberg opened a conference to show glimpses into Meta’s development labs, saying that “the kinds of experiences you will have in the metaverse” was beyond what is possible today.

“This will require advancements in a wide range of areas, from hardware devices to software to build and explore worlds.”

Zuckerberg believes artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking these advances. He noted that future platforms must be able to comprehend virtual worlds and offer translation services for all of them.

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Meta vs Microsoft at Metaverse

Global hit video games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, which are run on traditional gaming platforms can be seen as precursors of the metaverse.

However, Meta’s claim on the metaverse is not being denied by its rivals.

Google was the first to discover augmented reality glasses and has an entire team of engineers, designers and scientists, according to an open job posting.

Apple has reportedly bought several start-ups in this field and is currently working on its own mixed reality headgear.

Mark Zukerberg on Metaverse

Microsoft is a giant in the videogame industry, with titles like “Minecraft” and its Xbox system. It has now agreed to purchase Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. The deal also mentions the metaverse as a part of the motivation.

Meta’s stock has fallen since its last quarterly earnings, which showed that growth was slipping and that its revenue took a significant hit as a result of Apple’s changes in its ad targeting rules.

Meta also sells Facebook products, including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

Meta shares fell below $200 Wednesday for the first time since nearly two years.

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