Moon Knight is connected to Blade and Eternals, Fantastic Four and the Blade and Eternals

The Moon Knight Trailer has been viewed 75 million times in 34 hours. It’s a milestone. We can see that it will be the origin film of the superheor Moon Knight, played by Oscar Isaac.

Marc Spector, or Moon Knight, will be the latest addition to the street fighter with superpowers on Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. The show will consist of six episodes. According to reports, the three individuals of Moon Knight might have crossed-over with the upcoming movies and shows of the Marvel on Disney Plus as well as theatrical release.

Today, we’ll be discussing the connections between Moon Knight and Blade, Eternals and Fantastic Four

Moon Knight with Blade

It’s been confirmed that Blade is in Marvel Universe. We have already heard Blade’s voice during the end-credit. This was a tease of Blade and Kit Harrington. Kit Harrington’s character Dane Whitman works in British Museum. Dane, who has a connection to Ebony Blade, can be seen in movies and shows very soon.

Moon Knight is connected to Blade and Eternals, Fantastic Four and the Blade and Eternals

Kit Harrington can be seen in Black Knight’s final episode, which I believe is possible considering that these new superheroes were recently introduced to Marvel. Kevin Feige from MCU would tease them more often to provide a proper introduction to their abilities.

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We can also see their appearances in Marvel’s Blade, which is due to be released later this year.

Moon Knight’s Connection to the Fantastic Four

Moon Knight is connected to Blade and Eternals, Fantastic Four and the Blade and Eternals

Doctor Doom is the main villain of Fantastic Four. We can get him in the next Marvel project. But, have you noticed Doctor Doom’s reference in the trailer for Moon Knight? No?

The trailer has Doctor Doom referenced in it. When Marc Spector Steven Grant drives the truck, you can see the name “Von D.” If you’re a fan of the Fantastic Four, you might know that Doctor Doom’s initials are “Von D”. We now know that Doctor Doom is a part of MCU.

The reference can be seen in the tweet below.

In comics, a character has teamed up with the Fantastic Four several times. Oscar Isaac played the role as Apocalypse also in X-Men.

Other characters, or themselves, can be referenced in the upcoming Marvel’s Series on Disney Plus. Wong is the new Sorcerer supreme. Moon Knight is a mystical supernatural series. Owng may also appear. The Multiverse of Madness will also release Doctor Strange in May, so that we can get his reference in the series.

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