Ms Marvel Season 2: Kamala And Wolverine To Team Up? Will MCU Revive Wolverine?

Fans were divided about the end of Ms. Marvel’s first season, but there was one thing that they could not stop talking about. When it was revealed that Kamala was a Mutant, the M-bomb finally fell. Iman Villani, a cast member, also stated that she would like a Kamala-Wolverine team for Ms Marvel Season 2.

What to Expect from Ms Marvel Season 2

The season finale revealed Kamran’s new abilities which are very similar to Kamala. The first season featured important plot elements such as Kamran’s inability control his powers and his grief over the loss of his mother. Kamala sends Kamran into Karachi to rescue him. There, he meets the Red Daggers who are Kamran’s long-standing enemies.

Ms Marvel Season 2: Kamala And Wolverine To Team Up? Will MCU Revive Wolverine?

We know that Ms Marvel Season 2 will continue with the story after the events of the previous season. Kamran, who has superpowers, will be an important character in the second season. Kamala will have many plot options in the ongoing conflict between the Red Daggers, the Clandestine, and which Kamala will need to resolve in the second season.

Iman Vellani wants Kamala Khan to team up with Wolverine

Kamala, the first confirmed mutant of the MCU, was revealed in Ms. Marvel Season 1. Fans have been soaring with excitement about the possibility that X-Men will finally enter the cinematic universe. These possibilities were further strengthened by Iman Vellani, the show’s star. Iman, a Reddit fan interaction revealed that she would like to see her characters team up with Ms. Marvel and the mutant Wolverine for their future.

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Ms Marvel Season 2: Kamala And Wolverine To Team Up? Will MCU Revive Wolverine?

Vellani stated that she would love to see a Kamala/Wolverine dynamic within the MCU. Kamala defeats the shocker in a very cool story. Bruno sees all her futures, and it makes me so emotional every time I read it.”

Kamala mentioned a popular comic book plot. Logan and Kamala teamed up for the first battle against The Inventor in Ms. Marvel issue 6 and 7. Kamala was assisted by Wolverine to identify the source of her Inhuman abilities. Kamala was able to discover her origins by her name being revealed to Queen Medusa. It is doubtful Kamala ever met Wolverine as early as she did in books. Never say never, especially after Sir Patrick Steward’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 as Professor X.

Where is Kamala at the End of The First Season?

Ms Marvel Season 2: Kamala And Wolverine To Team Up? Will MCU Revive Wolverine?

Kamala appears to be Carol Danvers in the middle of Ms. Marvel’s credits when she suddenly bursts into Kamala’s bedroom as an adolescent. This is likely setting up one major subplot of The Marvels. A title card later suggests Kamala’s return to it.

Fans are already speculating about the reasons Danvers and Kamala changed places. Many believe that it is because of her bracelet and the potential partner that Aisha, Clan Destine and Kamala were unable to find. Others believe that this image depicts Ms. Marvel shape-shifting.

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