Netflix’s Top 10 R-Rated Shows

Top 10 R-Rated Netflix Series: Looking for sexy and gripping shows to stream on your late night alone? Maybe you are looking for sexy scenes to make your date night special? Whatever the reason, we have it all. Here’s a list with 10 R-rated Netflix shows that you shouldn’t watch with your parents.

Let’s take a look at Netflix’s Top 10 R-Rated Series.

10. Tiny Pretty Things

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

This 2020 drama is set in Chicago’s elite ballet school. It tells the story of a number of dancers, their love stories, lies, and betrayal. There is always a hint of eroticism in ballet. This is evident in the s*x scenes.

9. You-

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

This series not only shows intense love-making moments but also the frightening portrayal of obsessions and stalking that make ‘You’ an R-rated drama.

8. What if_

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

After being short on cash, a potential investor offers funding in exchange of a night’s s*x. Two newlyweds find their lives taking an unexpected turn. The series is filled with crazy s*x scenes because of the storyline.

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7. Bridgerton-

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

You are wrong to think that elegance and royalty will hide the intimate lives of the characters. This is a series that you need to make sure you are not with older people who want you to “turn off” before. Simon asks Daphne “Does this make you want me stop?”.

6. Outlander-

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

Another series with a beautiful look! Don’t let this fool you. Along with the time travel and sci-fi themes, there are many passionate love scenes. You will fall in love with this shady cast and the humid air that builds slowly and tingles. The show’s adult scenes are a standout because they focus more on female pleasure, which is a very undervalued point.

5. Elite-

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

A spicy murder mystery that entangles with it offensive wealth display, and “you-can’t-stop-watching” s*x scenes… lots of them. This is a drama for teens set in a wealthy Spanish private high school that deals with serious issues such as xenophobia and HIV stigma.

4. Sex Education

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

It’s in their name. This Netflix series, which is extremely popular, will not only bring out the best in you, but also address recurring themes such as sex education and LGBTQ issues. This means that they not only have s*x but also celebrate, encourage, and inspire a healthy and safe s*x lifestyle.

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3. The Naked Director

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

To learn more about Toru Muranishi, a real-life Japanese adult film director who revolutionized Japan’s adult film industry in 1980, watch ‘The Naive Director’.

2. Sex/Life-

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

As her marriage and family are thrown into turmoil by her ex-lover’s desire to return in her life, a woman struggles to resist the temptation. We’ll see plenty of sweaty s*x, no matter how hard she tries.

1. Shameless-

Netflix's Top 10 R-Rated Shows

The teacher meets a college student and they begin to hook up. However, the teacher must balance their lives. The show’s emphasis on the details of s*x is not lost among the hilarious moments.

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