New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 10: The Fall Finale Max and Sharpe’s Final Day at The Hospital Before They Leave For London

Max and Sharpe will leave for London in New Amsterdam Season 4 episode 10. This will be their last day in the hospital, which will be filled with emotional moments and dilemmas. But, they might have to delay their trip due to a serious problem at the hospital. Keep reading for more information about the next episode.

New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 10: What’s Next?

The tenth episode of the series has been titled Death Is the Rule. Max and Sharpe will spend the last day together before moving to London. Both will experience some emotions at the hospital. Max will be uncertain about the big decision he’s about to make. In the next episode, Max and Max are ready to leave the hospital to start a new life in London. Their plans are ruined by a superbug that infects the hospital. The duo will need to put aside their plans and give their all to saving lives at the hospital.

In New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 10, Leyla confronts Bloom about her attempt to bribe the hospital for a job. This revelation will test Leyla’s and Bloom’s relationship. Iggy will also be helping grieving parents. Iggy will help the parents to accept that their son has died and get them back on their feet. We can also expect some romance from Iggy as he shares an intimate kiss with Martin McIntyre in the next episode.

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New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 10: The Fall Finale Max and Sharpe's Final Day at The Hospital Before They Leave For London

Here’s a quick recap!

Veronica was harshly criticized for her previous episode, which saw her fire more than 140 workers. A church fire prompted a group of immigrants to seek refuge at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Max cleared the cafeteria in order to make room for the immigrants. Veronica opposed Max’s decision. Soon thereafter, the ICE arrived to search for immigrants. The hospital staff assisted them in escaping through underground tunnels to reach a new church.

Karen and Max then decided to end Veronica’s contract and vote her out. Karen met with the respective board members to convince them. She also needed Evan’s support, so she went to Evan. He initially refused to accept Karen’s plan, but he finally agreed. Max was present at the meeting and she called for a vote against Veronica’s termination.

New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 10: The Fall Finale Max and Sharpe's Final Day at The Hospital Before They Leave For London

Karen was left short after Evan pulled out in the final moments. Soon thereafter, Veronica suggested that Karen be removed from the position of board chair. Evan helped Veronica get enough votes to approve the decision. Evan took over Karen’s position as New Amsterdam’s chair of the board in New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 9. Leyla also discovered that Bloom was bribing her to get a donation.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 10: Date Released

The NBC will air New Amsterdam Season 4’s tenth episode on November 23, 2021. Every new episode airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 pm ET. ET and will last approximately 45 minutes. The fourth installment will include ten episodes, before it goes on to the fall break.

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Where to Watch the Next Episode Online

Fans can watch the latest episode of NBC’s broadcast on the official website or the NBC app if they miss it. Season 4 can also be viewed on Fubo TV and Xfinity TV as well as DirecTV, Hulu+Live and YouTube TV. Don’t miss the finale of season 4 and don’t forget to check back for exciting episode previews.

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