New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode13: Max Helps Helen With A Family Crisis in “Family!”

Max and Helen will be closer to each other as they share their struggles while adapting to a new life. Episode 13 of Season 4: New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13. Boom and Reynolds will also work together to save a family’s life in the next episode. Keep reading for all details about episode 13.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13 Preview: How Will It End?

The next episode is titled “Family.” Max & Helen will continue to share their lives and pain together. New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13: The couple will face a challenge regarding Helen’s mother. A family will also be affected by a terrible accident. They will also be taken to the ED.

Reynolds and Bloom will do everything they can to save their lives, and help them on the path to recovery. Iggy and Trevor will also come to an agreement in the next episode.

Here’s a quick recap!

Max did a lot of interviews in London to be a doctor. He had several interviews via video after he received his license to practice. However, his efforts were not fruitful. Helen interviewed three other candidates for the new hospital while Helen was still at work. She interviewed Dr. Rahul, Dr. Stewart, and Dr. Narin, a representative from the Islamic community. She was not sure who she should choose.

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Max, meanwhile, treated Sid the cab driver in New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 12. To treat Sid, he used Hampstead-stolen medicines. Max was a good person and Helen didn’t have any problems with Max helping people in need. She shared with her the dilemma of job interviews. Max suggested that Max hire more people like her to help at the hospital. Helen hired all three of them.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode13: Max Helps Helen With A Family Crisis in

Iggy helped a police officer suffering from PTSD at the New Amsterdam Hospital. He spoke to her and helped her solve the problems. Floyd also visited Lyn’s home and saw her photos with Claude. He was aware that Lyn and Claude were a happy family. He still sent Lyn flowers and his favorite meal. Dr. Bloom was also looking into Shinwari’s past. It was shocking to learn that Shinwari worked in an insurance company.

Dr. Wilder also tried to win the trust of a patient who had only been able to trust Helen at the hospital. Mia helped her build trust with the patient. This led to Mia and Wilder coming to an understanding and mutual respect. So Dr. Wilder brought Mia to discuss her plan to form resistance against Dr. Veronica. New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 12.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode13: Max Helps Helen With A Family Crisis in

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13: Airing Date

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13 will be broadcast by NBC on January 18, 2022. Each new episode airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM. ET. ET.

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Where to stream the next episode online?

You can watch the next episode of NBC’s Sling TV on the official website or the NBC App. Season 4 can also be viewed on Sling TV and DirecTV as well as Fubo TV and Fubo TV. Don’t miss the latest episode, and don’t forget to return for more exciting episode previews.

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