One Piece Chapter 1036 Luffy & Kaido’s Battle Begins

Updates to One Piece Chapter 1036: The spoilers for manage series one-piece chapter 1036 were released last week. This means that true fans of this highly anticipated series will need to wait until the next chapter.

Fans were sharing their speculations and spoilers about the show. Some were ridiculous, but others were more interesting. Popular spoilers reveal that One-piece Chapter 1036 will debut as new gear in Luffy. This is a surprise since Kairo was thought to have defeated it so far.

Fans even uploaded a video showing the next chapter. It claims that Luffy will use the new gear to defeat Kairo. These spoilers will be revealed, but we’ll first look at the ridiculousness of these fan posts.

All of Luffy’s training or practice was done on Rusukaina at the beginning. Rayleigh and the development of Rusukaina. Bounce man was used against Doflamingo, while snake-man was used against Katakuri. Luffy was able to fight Kairo during the Dressrossa or four Emperors saga.

All About One Piece Chapter 1036

One Piece Chapter 1036 Luffy & Kaido's Battle Begins

Luffy didn’t have anyone to train the new form or to test it on. If the straw-hat crew were given more time, Dressrosa, Wholecake island, and Luffy would have gone to train. The story is being mangled and, at times, utterly absurd.

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Fan-made video claims that Sanji is reuniting with Zoro. This all could not be seen at chapter 1035. However, Sanji could still be visible to the naked eye, or claim to have exhausted himself from fighting the queen.

Fans are eagerly awaiting one piece chapter 1036. Spoilers can be found spontaneously. Unfortunately, spoilers will continue until one piece chapter 1036 is released.

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