Over $2,000 Super Mario Watch Limited-Edition

Super Mario Watch Updates. Nintendo has teamed up with Tag Heuer luxury watchmaker to create a limited-edition Super Mario Watch that will be available only to the most dedicated fans. The watch will cost more than $2,000.

Although the price is only a fraction of the value one Mario world coin has, it could be one of most expensive official Mario-related products available.

This isn’t Nintendo’s first partnership with a major brand. The mustachioed mascot previously partnered with Levi’s, Moschino and others. Mario is a well-known character, and has gone beyond the realm of video games to become a household name.

From Super, Nintendo World-themed trains to Japan to the upcoming Game of Life: Super Mario Edition, products all over the globe have featured the plumber’s iconic visage.

Tag Heuer announced their Super Mario partnership via social media Tuesday morning. This photo shows a close-up (via NintendoLife). The limited-edition release will include two thousand watches, each one costing $2,150.

The smartwatch does more than tell time. It also includes a step counter, Google Pay and a variety health- and sports-tracking apps.

Mario animations will be used to track fitness goals. The watch’s design is a tribute to the plumber and features customizable dials and other components.

All About Super Mario Watch

Over ,000 Super Mario Watch Limited-Edition

Although some might be put off by the idea of spending thousands on Mario merchandise the Tag Heuer partnership is only a fraction of what some of the franchise’s titles cost. Super Mario 64 was just auctioned for $1.5 million. It is the most expensive videogame ever sold.

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It’s important to note that the auctioned edition of the Nintendo 64 classic was very rare before gamers rush to buy their own copies. It was originally ranked 9.8 by the Wata Scale which evaluates the quality and worth of video games. It is believed to be one of five unopened copies.

The Tag Heuer x Super Mario partnership is just months after Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary the Mario franchise. In addition to limited-release games like Super Mario Bros. 35, Nintendo also opened Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan.

Super Nintendo World’s formal debut was marred by pandemic-related issues. However, it is now open to all visitors in accordance with Japan’s COVID-19 rules. A similar theme park is expected to open in Orlando, Florida in the future. Its completion date is 2025. A trip to Super Nintendo World will likely be more expensive than a Super Mario Tag Heuer watch, but there are still ways to save.

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