PlayStation 5 System Beta Finally Separates PS4 & PS5 Game Versions

PlayStation 5 Updates: Sony’s latest beta update to its PlayStation 5 user interface makes it easier to distinguish between cross-generation titles on the PS4 and PS5 platforms. The platform’s handling of PlayStation 4 titles that have been upgraded to PlayStation 5 versions has been a major criticism, especially when compared with Xbox’s Smart Delivery technology. During the launch period, some creators had to take to the social media to warn gamers not to install the wrong version of their games.

Many potential PlayStation buyers might never experience this first uncertainty because the PlayStation has been scarcely available on store shelves since its November debut. The situation has been made worse by persistent technology shortages and scaling.

Sony has now pledged to continue supporting the PlayStation 4 for the near future. This may be seen as a significant shift from Jim Ryan’s earlier statement that the company doesn’t believe in generations.

Regardless of Sony’s position on cross-compatibility issues, many games work with both the PlayStation 4 (and the PlayStation 5), and the latest PS5 beta update according to Eurogamer makes it easier for gamers to distinguish between the two versions.

The dashboard now displays each cross-gen game twice, one for each version. The game tiles clearly indicate which version each is, allowing PS5 owners the ability to choose the experience they want. This will help gamers avoid installing the wrong version of a game, which can cause them to lose valuable gameplay time.

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PlayStation 5 System Beta

PlayStation 5 System Beta Finally Separates PS4 & PS5 Game Versions

The upgrades offer more than just backward compatibility. The latest PS5 beta adds support for SSD extensions, which are more expensive, and allows players to add extra game storage to their console.

The Trophy Tracker now shows five awards at once. The Control Center allows users to delete settings that they don’t use. And the Game Base now has a friends list that allows players see who’s online and allows them to manage pending requests. PlayStation Now subscribers will also get a resolution picker that allows them to choose between 1080p or 720p.

If you want to see all these improvements before everyone else, you can apply to have the beta version installed on your PlayStation 5 via Sony’s official website. Users must be at minimum 18 years old and live in one of these countries: Japan, the United States, Canada or Germany.

Even with the success of the PlayStation 5, Sony’s support for cross-generational gaming shows that the PlayStation 4 is not going anywhere soon.

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