PlayStation Accidentally Confirms Bluepoint Games Acquisition

Games Acquisition Updates: Bluepoint Games is one of the American Independent action games. It was developed in Austin, Texas, USA. Hidetaka Mizaki is the director of this videogame. Masanori Takeuchi, Takeshi Kajii, are the game’s producers. It has an 8.8 rating from IMDb.


It was established in 2006. It was established in 2006. It was released on November 2020 by Sony’s Play Station 5 under the name Bluepoint.

It has already released eleven sequences. In 2006, it released its first game, Blast Factor. It was released on PS3. The second game, the God of war Collection, was released in 2009.

Acquisition of Games in History

PlayStation Accidentally Confirms Bluepoint Games Acquisition

Bluepoint now has over 90 members. Bluepoint is a pioneer in the industry and has a rich history of remasters, remakes, and other special techniques. This is not the end. It is the most impressive and important project in Bluepoint Games. It will be the visual benchmark for next-generation gaming hardware.

Sony’s Playstation leaked the image of Bluepoint Games from its website. This proves that Sony has purchased Bluepoint Games.

It has a well-developed plot and is animated well. Boletaria is currently going through an apocalypse because of the massive primordial demonic, also known as the Old One. Although the Old One is still in eternal rest, it is currently getting up. This white fog, in the meantime, abandons everyone and their souls.

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Their souls are transformed into demons. The Old One returned with more demonic power, causing the total destruction of humanity. To gain power, the player must hunt down Archdemons and absorb their souls.

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