Rainbow Six: Rainbow Six Multiplayer and Gameplay Revealed

Rainbow Six Extraction Updates – In Rainbow Six Extraction streamers NarcolepticNugget, King George and Chris Watters joined Ubisoft to show the game’s cooperative multiplayer.

This is a departure from the previous Rainbow Six series. As three teams must face increasing threats in a PvE environment, tactical mechanics and collaboration remain at the forefront.

Rainbow Six Siege fans may enjoy the PvP aspect of Rainbow Six Siege. Creative Director Patrik Mele said that Siege players who push Extraction to its “highest possible potential” might face a challenge beyond that of the 2015 hit.

Ubisoft previously showed off some Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay. Today, Ubisoft provided a longer look at footage featuring NarcolepticNugget and King George as well as Ubisoft host Chris Watters. The film begins with the three-person team finishing its first Incursion before moving on to their final mission goal.

The squad is facing a variety of foes as they approach the finish line. One of the most dangerous alien threats is The Bloater. It explodes upon death and releases a noxious gas which asphyxiates its victims on impact.

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay

Rainbow Six: Rainbow Six Multiplayer and Gameplay Revealed

This video gives a great look at Rainbow Six Extraction’s action-packed gameplay. Ubisoft will show more of the game in the coming weeks, with the game set for release in just a few months.

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Although Extraction may be far removed from the grounded atmosphere that Siege offers, the new title is inspired by Siege’s Outbreak event.

This was during the 2018 expansion to Operation Chimera. Team Rainbow was landed in Outbreak, an epidemic-ravaged New Mexico village that was the epicenter for a terrible outbreak.

Since then, the parasite that caused such destruction has escaped confinement and moved to many parts of the United States including major cities on the east and west coasts. Team Rainbow was summoned to face the new threat.

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