Savage Beauty Season 2: Can Zinhle Escape From Don? Know What’s Next

Netflix has been focusing on foreign content for the last few years. Savage Beauty joins the growing list of Netflix’s African shows, including Queen Sono and How To Ruin Christmas. Only hours ago, the first season of Savage Beauty Season 1 was available on streaming platforms. Fans have started to ask about Savage Beauty Season 2. Let’s talk about what we know.

Netflix has renewed Savage Beauty Season 2

On May 12, 2022, the entire first season of Savage Beauty was available on Netflix. Netflix and the creators have not yet provided any updates on Savage Beauty Season 2. This should not be surprising considering that the first season was just released.

Savage Beauty Season 2: Can Zinhle Escape From Don? Know What’s Next

The second season looks very likely from a story perspective, as the ending of the first season was a cliffhanger. Netflix is expected to take some time to renew Savage Beauty Season 2 due its track record. Fans will need to be patient and pray that Season 1 attracts the desired viewership.

What can Savage Beauty Season 2 be about?

Zinhle was the new face for the Bhenghu cosmetic products line in the first season. Zinhle had already infiltrated the Bhengu family and was plotting her next move. Ndu began spending more time with Zinhle. Zinhle made her final move towards the end to take down Bhengu Beauty. The reason is that the family was busy getting ready for the wedding.

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Savage Beauty Season 2: Can Zinhle Escape From Don? Know What’s Next

Zinhle forced Don to confess the mistakes he and his family made for the brand at gunpoint. Zinhle was still trying to attack down, but she stopped him from falling to the ground. He appeared to be dead at first, but he opened his eyes when Ndu saw Zinhle leave in a car.

It is expected that the show will continue the story from the first season when it returns with Savage Beauty Season 2. Zinhle will be trying to escape Don’s grasp, and she will have as her goal the entry into the Benghu clan. Zinhle might be aided by some Bhenghu members.

Cast Details!

Savage Beauty Season 2: Can Zinhle Escape From Don? Know What’s Next

Rosemary Zimu plays Zinhle in the cast of African drama series. Dumisani Mobebe plays Don Bhengu, and Nthati Moshesh is Grace Bhengu. Mpho Sebeng plays Bonga, Jesse Suntele portrays Phila Bhengu and Nambitha Ben–Mazwi plays Linda Bhengu.

Oros Mampofu plays Ndu Bhengu, Angela Sithole plays Thando Bhengu and John Ncamane is Kolobe. Tina Redman plays Zandi. Most of the cast members will be returning to their roles when the series returns with Savage Beauty Season 2. The second season may also bring new faces to the show.

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