Season 2 of My Name: Can We Aim for Another Season??

My Name Season 2 Updates – A lot of people watch the series My Name. Season 1 was successful and it’s now time for season 2. Many people are eagerly awaiting season 2 to arrive. Most people don’t watch My Name Season 1 very often.

It was released on October 15, 2021. The real question is: Is there a second season?

Many Korean movies and series are available on Netflix. Kingdom, a Korean series about zombies, is the winner. Another is the Squid Game. Currently, the Squid Game streaming over Netflix is available in nearly all countries. It is likely to be on the top list if it is not.

My Names series is a South Korean thriller about a woman who meets the crime boss to exact revenge for her father’s death.

My Name: How many Seasons are going to be?

The series was intended for just one season. We expect there to be more. The first season has eight episodes, with a running time of 45-58 minutes.

Are We Ready for My Name Season 2?

Season 2 of My Name: Can We Aim for Another Season??

Only one season was created for the My Name series. Netflix has not yet announced anything about the second season of My Name. There is still a possibility that Netflix will make a decision regarding Season 2 as there are many requests from fans.

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They are eager for the second season, and they hope that it will happen soon.

The thing is that season 1’s story is complete and season 2 may not be necessary. The show is very popular and Netflix may begin production of My Name season 2. We hope the fans can enjoy season 2!

There will be 8 episodes total if season 2 of My Name streams.

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