Season 2 of The Wilds: The Dwan Of Eve Girls Meet the Twilight Of Adam Boys Know Premiere Date

Amazon Prime’s Teen Drama Series, The Wilds Season 2, will bring a new twist to the storyline. In December 2020, the first installment aired on the network. The series received positive reviews for its storyline and writing as well as the incredible performances of the “Dawn of Eve” program girls. The series was renewed in 2020 for its second season, shortly after its first season.

The Wilds received an impressive rating of 7.4/10 from IMDB and 92% for rotten tomatoes. The story follows a group a teenage girls who find themselves on an island deserted. They are heading to Hawaii for the “Dawn of Eve” program. Their flight crashes into the ocean and they land on an island.

The girls are unaware that they are being subject to a social experiment on the island. Gretchen Klien, an unknown entity, watches over their every move. The timeline shows the past events of the girls and the interviews with two FBI agents in the future. Continue reading to learn more about The Wilds Season 2.

Season 2 of The Wilds: The Dwan Of Eve Girls Meet the Twilight Of Adam Boys Know Premiere Date

Renewal and Production Status

Amazon Prime Video confirmed that the series will return for a second season, just weeks after the premiere of the first in December 2020. The girls announced the second season via an Instagram video, and the rest of the world was informed. The production of The Wilds Season 2 was hit with some setbacks because of pandemic delays.

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Due to pandemic guidelines, the filming location had to be moved from New Zealand to Queensland. Filming for The Wilds Season 2 was completed in August 2021. Twitter shared the news with stars and stars announcing that production had ended. The second season of the series will be out soon.

Season 2 of The Wilds: What’s Next?

The girls began to doubt the existence of other people as the season progressed. Leah realized that not only were the “Dawn Of Eden”, but many others had been left stranded on this island. They were being watched, she thought. She escaped her bedroom and discovered a secret surveillance area that showed a group of teenage boys. A file that read “the Twilight Of Adam” was also found on her desk. This will give the next season a new twist. It seems that Leah and her girls may be able to locate the boys after discovering them.

They will attempt to solve the mystery of the program if they can get together. They will also try to find Gretchen Klien. In the second season, they will reveal the secrets surrounding Martha, Rachel, Nora and Rachel. The creators also revealed a list teen boys who will be featured in the next episode.

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Season 2 of The Wilds: The Dwan Of Eve Girls Meet the Twilight Of Adam Boys Know Premiere Date

Who will Return for the Next Season?

In May 2021, the new cast was announced. The Wilds Season 2 stars will include Zack Calderon playing Rafael Garcia, Aidan Laprete playing Henry Tanaka, Nicholas Coombe playing Josh Herbert, Charles Alexander as Kirin Ol’Conner, and Nicholas Laprete as Nicholas Simms. Miles Gutierrez­Riley will play Ivan Taylor, Reed Shannon will play Scotty Simms, Tanner Ray Rook will play Bo Leonard, Alex Fitzalan, Seth Novak, and Reed Shannon will play Henry Tanaka. They will be part of the “Twilight of Adam” group.

The “Dawn Of Eve” girls will be back for season 2, with Sophia Ali as Fatin and Shannon Berry as Dot, Jenna Clause, Jenna Clause, Rachel Reign Edwards, Shelby Healey, and Jenna Clause reprising their roles. Helena Howard, Erana Jones, Sarah Pidgeon and Troy Winbush will all return to the cast.

Season 2 of The Wilds: When Will It Air

The 2021 premiere of the second season is not planned. The filming ended in August. Amazon Prime Video will soon premiere The Wilds Season 2 in early 2022. However, no official release date has been announced by the network. Keep checking back for exciting details about your favorite TV shows.

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