Simon Cowell got engaged to Lauren Silverman, her 13-year-old long-term girlfriend.

Simon Cowell is now engaged to Lauren Silverman, his girlfriend. Nowadays, having children before you get married is very common. People can date and have children together, and then they will split up to become husband and wife.

This is the ideal case for celebrities. There are many celebrities who have been together for a long time and have children or are parents of children. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are two such couples.

Simon Cowell, 62 years old, is now the father of Eric Cowell and Lauren. Lauren, 44, has been dating Simon for 13 years. They are now heading towards marriage after they got engaged.

They got engaged while on vacation in Barbados. Their children were there to witness their engagement. Eric, 7 year old, was the son of Simon, Lauren, and Adam, Lauren’s ex-husband Andrew Silverman, was there. In 2013, the couple divorced.

Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell got engaged to Lauren Silverman, her 13-year-old long-term girlfriend.

According to a source Simon and Lauren are very happy together. Simon lives in Barbados and has a home there that is used as a vacation spot for his family at least once per year. Lauren was married to Andrew’s friend Lauren.

Before Lauren and Simon became friends, Andrew was friends with Simon. Simon once stated that it wasn’t right, but it did happen. Simon first met her in 2004. He felt different from then on. Eric, whatever he did was the result and he is content with that.

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He stated that living with Lauren, Eric and Eric during pandemic was a difficult task. It was a test for his parenting. As a family, they became closer and more secure. He loved living with them, and he stated that Lauren is still his love.

Simon became a father in his 50s. Although it was a late stage in his life, he believes that it is never too late. Eric has made a significant shift in his life. Eric, his 7-year old son, is his best friend and he said that it was the greatest feeling he has ever felt. He is happy to be a fiancee and soon a husband. Lauren is the same.

Simon is well-known for his role as judge on X-Factor, American Got Talent, and British Got Talent. His achievements include the founding of One Direction, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix.

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