Sintonia Season 2: Doni Nando, Rita, and Rita will be focusing on their individual journeys while supporting one another!

Sintonia Season 2 is the return of Netflix’s original teen crime drama. It will air in just days. The Brazilian series has received a lot of attention around the world. Since August 2019, the premiere of the first season, fans have waited nearly two years for season 2. According to the Brazilian Twitter account, Netflix has renewed the series for a second season in January 2020. The series is now in production and will be released soon.

Sintonia is the story of three teenage characters, Doni, Nando and Rita. They grow up in a poor Brazilian neighborhood. Because the series is centered on music and drug trafficking, Sintonia is known for its great soundtracks. It also has a connection to the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) first order. Their name was not mentioned in the first season. It did show their work and criminal disputes around an abandoned shed. To avoid conflicts between Sao Paulo’s communities, the PCC was also called. Continue reading to learn more about Sintonia Season 2.

Sintonia Season 2: What to Expect?

The next season will continue to be about Rita, Nando and Doni. Doni took a big risk in the finale of the first season, when he made his first appearance on television. Nando was also rewarded by the Cartel for his dedication to the cartel. Rita also found peace in religion while she was preparing for baptism.

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Netflix released the Sintonia Season 2 trailer. The trailer shows a powerful season filled with music and cartel violence. It also shows how Brazilian communities will be affected. Doni looks set to reach new heights in his career next season as a music superstar.

Nando will also try to secure his position in the cartel. Nando is keen to become the boss of the cartel family. In the upcoming season, there will be a lot more violence and criminal activity. This will have a profound impact on everyone’s lives. Rita will do her best to protect her family and friends while she digs into the criminal roots.

Sintonia Season 2: Doni Nando, Rita, and Rita will be focusing on their individual journeys while supporting one another!

Who will be featured in the next season?

Jottape and Doni are the lead cast members for Sintonia Season 2. Christian Malheiros as nando and Bruna Mascarenhas as Rita. Also, MC M10 will be playing Formiga, Vinicius De Oliveira will play Jussara and Danielle Olimoia will play Cacau. Julia Yamahuchi will play Scheyla. Rosanna Maris and Leilah Mehro, Jefferson Silvero, Fabricio Araujudo, and many more stars are also expected to return. Some guests stars are also expected to return for season 2.

Sintonia Season 2: The Release Date

Netflix renewed the Brazilian series for season 2 in January 2020. Sintonia Season 2 premieres on October 27, 2021 at 3:00 a.m. ET. Six episodes are expected for the second season, which will be similar to the first. You can now watch the second season on Brazil’s hit series, and continue to check back for the latest updates.

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