Slow Horses Season 2: Trailer Is Out! Apple TV+ Renews Two More Seasons!

Fans couldn’t wait for Slow Horses Season 2 after watching the first season. It will surprise you to hear that Apple TV+ plans to continue the story. Apple TV+ recently ordered several seasons to continue the journey. You read that right. The dysfunctional M15 agent team will be explored in the next episode. The trailer teases what’s next for the second season. Continue reading for more information.

The series is based on Mick Herron’s novel series of that name. It follows River Cartwright, a British M15 officer who was sent to Slough House following his embarrassing training mission. River and his fellow colleagues were now required to complete paper-pushing tasks and deal with Jackson Lamb, their miserable boss. River wanted to leave because of boredom and frustration. Although Slough House can be unpleasant, it is exciting to get entangled in a dangerous game.

Season 2 of Slow Horses: Renewal Status

Apple TV+ seems to be moving quickly with Slow Horses, its new series. Slow Horses was not yet available for streaming when Apple TV+ announced that the series would be back with its second season. It’s not over, but it’s still happening. Apple TV+ also picked the show up for seasons 3 and 4. It shows that the streaming platform is confident in the Mick Herron spy novel adaptation. Deadline was informed by James Howes, series director of the series, that the streaming service had renewed the show. He said they were hoping for a couple more seasons.

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Slow Horses Season 2: Trailer Is Out! Apple TV+ Renews Two More Seasons!

Slow Horses Season 2 Trailer: What to Expect?

The streaming platform released the trailer for Slow Horses Season 2 last month. It teases the existence of sleeper agents that have been filtered into many places within British society. They are now active and a threat for the M15 agents. The trailer shows grudges, sacrifices and traitors. It is clear that this season will be more terrifying than the first. According to the official synopsis, it follows a dysfunctional British intelligence agent team.

Slough House was the name they gave to the M15 division. Jackson Lamb, the intelligent and shrewd leader, is now in Slough House after he made one mistake. He now has to deal with that error. The second season will loosely adapt Herron’s second Slough house novel, Dead Lions. It is entirely based upon the sleeper agents. Apple’s third season logline states that Lamb’s disgraced spy team will work together to track down a rogue agent who kidnaps someone close to him. The fourth season will be about a bombing that destroyed personal secrets. Slough House’s foundations were already ruined.

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Slow Horses Season 2: Has Production Begun Yet?

It will surprise you to know that production is over. James Hawes said that production on the second season was completed before the premiere of the first. It looks like the third season of the series will be in production. The seasons will be filmed back-to-back and the story will continue with more seasons. The show is rich in material, as Slough House novels include five more novels and two novellas that each contain a sixth novel.

Slow Horses Season 2: Trailer Is Out! Apple TV+ Renews Two More Seasons!

Slow Horses Season 2: The Release Date

Slow Horses 2 has been filmed. The only remaining work is post-production. This will only take a few more months. Six episodes will be included in the second season, which will air later in the year. Apple TV+ is expected to return soon with the third season. It may be earlier than 2023. Keep watching. TechRadar247 will keep your informed.

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