Sony announces a PlayStation Event centered around PS5

Sony has announced that it will host a PlayStation showcase on September 9th. The PlayStation showcase will take place at 10 AM ET/ 1 PM PST. The event will last 40 minutes. The company teased the event by saying “a glimpse into the future of PS5” at the moment.

Sony may release a new PS5 software update, which was already in beta testing. This update unlocks M.2 SSD compatibility and brings some UI improvements to your PS5 dashboard. The update also adds 3D audio support to the built-in TV speakers.

The showcase will not feature the new PlayStation VR headset by Sony. At a recent developer summit, the next-gen PSVR was described. The summit revealed that the headset can be connected to a PS5 via a single cable. The headset features OLED displays of higher resolution with 2000 x 2240 pixels per eye, and an enhanced field of view of 110°.

The company recently promised that there would be “plenty” of PS5 games by small and large developers. Sony is most likely to take another look at Horizon Forbidden West. This sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will be released in the near future. GTA V and Bethesda’s Deathloop were also expected to have next-generation patches.

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