Southern Charm Season 8: Will Carmen Return To The Show? Find Out Here

Southern Charm’s previous season was the most dramatic. Madison was involved in a tumultuous affair with Craig, a former MLB player. Fans are now gearing up to see Southern Charm Season 8 release date.

Bravo’s Southern Charm, a reality series featuring seven extrovert socialites who live in Charleston, South Carolina, is Bravo’s Southern Charm. The show’s main focus is on changing the dynamics of their professional and personal lives. It has enjoyed great popularity among its fans. Southern Charm was created by Whitney Sudler Smith in March 2014.

Who will be featured in the next season?

Southern Charm Season 8: Will Carmen Return To The Show? Find Out Here

Kathryn Dennis is a mother to Kensie and Saint. The show also casts an adventurer-turned-businessman, Austen Kroll, and Craig Conover, who runs a successful company called Sewing Down South. We also see Shep Rose and Leva Bonaparte as well as Madison LeCroy, who is a salon owner and mother to Hudson, eight-years-old. John Pringle, a businessman. Southern Charm Season 8 will bring back almost all of the cast members. We may even meet some new faces.

Southern Charm Season 8: Will Camren Return?

Southern Charm fans are anxious to see if Cameran Ebanks, the original cast member and former narrator will return for season 8. One of her fans was a favorite. She left the franchise after suspicions about Jason Wimberly spread. Cameran was loved by Bravo’s Southern Charm fans because she was the show’s constant voice for reason. After Kathryn Dennis’ alleged attempt to ruin her relationship, she decided to quit the show at season 6. Fans were understandably shocked when she announced that she would not return for Season 7.

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Southern Charm Season 8: Will Carmen Return To The Show? Find Out Here

Fans are curious if Cameran will appear on the new season of Southern Charm. It does not seem like Cameran will be returning to the show, as he was a former Bravo star. Cameran’s return to the set has not been confirmed or referenced. Cameran stated clearly when she left Southern Charm that she would not be returning. Cameran, who left Southern Charm in 1994, has been busy with her book, One Day You’ll Thanks Me: Essays about Dating, Motherhood and Everything In Between.

Southern Charm Season 8: The Release Date

On October 29, 2020, the Bravo network premiered the seventh season of Southern Charm. The season ended on February 11, 2021. The network has given green light to Season 8 of Southern Charm in 2021.

Southern Charm Season 8: Will Carmen Return To The Show? Find Out Here

The production was reportedly launched in September last year with many new cast members joining Charleston’s crew. Southern Charm season 8 will likely focus on the conflict between the cast members and newcomers, following the intensity of the last season. Bravo will air the next season on June 23, 2022.

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