Surgeon Simulator II Gets a Release Date on Xbox One and Steam

Updates on Surgeon Simulator 2: Bossa Studios revealed the final edition of Surgeon Simulator 2 after its release last year on Epic Games Store.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Access All Areas will launch on Steam and Xbox on September 2. The sequel to the cult-favorite game will be available on consoles with deliberately challenging controls. S consoles with 4K graphics and 60 frames per second and Xbox Smart release will be optimized for the Xbox version.

Sylvain Cornillon, executive producer, stated that Access All Areas will be introduced to a new audience of future surgeons.

“Our team used all the knowledge we have gained since launch to create the most bizarre and entertaining surgical simulator that we could imagine. Stay tuned, because we have many surprises in store.

Access All Areas is the “ultimate” version of Access All Areas. It includes all of the game’s features and upgrades, as well as a competitive mode that can accommodate up to four players. Creation mode offers more user-generated maps, improvements, and new character models to the Bossa Labs medical facility team.

All About Surgeon Simulator 2.

Surgeon Simulator II Gets a Release Date on Xbox One and Steam

You can add Surgeon Simulator 2 – Access All Areas to Steam’s wishlist. If players achieve certain goals, they can earn in-game cosmetics such as an I Am Fish bowl head.

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Bossa Studios donated Surgeon Simulator 2 to all NHS staff as a gesture of support. They also held a Surgeon Simulator 2 speed-running competition with real doctors to raise funds for the North Lincolnshire NHS Trust.

Some fans have managed to play PC games on their mobile devices running Windows 11. The early version of Windows 11 was tested on a OnePlus 6T. It included a variety PC games including Left 4 Dead and Rocket League.

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