Sweet Home Season 2: When is it expected to be released??

Sweet Home Season 2 was scheduled to begin filming in December 2021. However, there has been no update from Netflix or the Korean creators regarding the sequel. The Korean apocalyptic drama series was a popular Korean series, and fans eagerly await its renewal.

Netflix has renewed Sweet Home Season 2?

Netflix has not yet provided any information or updates about Sweet Home Season 2, but it is expected that the show will be renewed based on the demand and viewership.

This is not the only As per Soompi. The JTBC, a Korean production studio, shared information about the show’s filming. They had stated that Sweet Home Season 2 would begin in winter.

A few online portals also confirmed that Park Gyu-young and Lee Si-young will be returning in the next season.

What is the potential for Sweet Home Season 2 to unfold?

Sweet Home Season 2: When is it expected to be released??

Season 1 ended with a huge cliffhanger. Sang-Wook had given his life to save Yu Ri and the people in the apartment. Cha Hyun Soo remains alive in the military van.

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What could Sang Wook have done?

Sweet Home Season 2: When is it expected to be released??

According to the writer’s mood we can say that Sang Wook will not be making any return in Sweet Home Season 2 because he is an important part of the series, and also the favourite one. The creators might not disappoint fans by declaring him dead. He could be in an intermediate stage of becoming a monster, or in the golden hour.

Myeong could have taken control of his body in the same way he took possession of other people.

Is Eun Hyuk Dead?

Sweet Home Season 2: When is it expected to be released??

We had seen Eun Hyuk die and be buried under the same structure in the last episode. However, he can come back thanks to his regenerative powers. He had also helped her sister survive the previous episodes so Season 2 may see him return.

When can we look forward to Season 2?

Netflix has not yet updated any information about the second season of the show, but it has been renewed so filming can begin very soon. Season 2 will be available in the middle of 2023.

Although Studio Dragon has not stated that it plans to release Season 2 in 2022 (which is next year), there are a few Twitter users who have.

Let’s wait and cross our fingers for good news. It’s available on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet.

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