Teaser Trailer for The Umbrella Academy Season 3: A Promised Early Release Date! The Sparrow Academy will be involved

The Hargreeves siblings are playing with our minds ever since the premiere season. The good news is that Netflix has revealed the air date for the next season. We know that many fans are eager to find out the secrets behind this new version of the siblings. It is also unclear how the original siblings will deal with it.

The series was created by Steve Blackman and centers around a mysterious event. 43 women gave birth simultaneously, without any signs of pregnancy. Out of 43 women who gave birth simultaneously, Sir Reginald Hargreeves became a billionaire and adopted seven children. He raised them all in his mansion. He helped them to control their special abilities. After his death, the siblings reunited to rescue the world from the coming global crisis. However, they make a mistake that leads to dire consequences.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy: Release Date Confirmed

But not yet! We have some wonderful news for series fans. A new tweet from the official series Twitter account hinted at the air date for the third season. The image shows a bell that a concierge has worn over 2022. It captions, “Pack your bags season three coming in 2022.” The series has not yet announced the air date for the third season. It gives us an idea. We will be checking into Hotel Oblivion during season 3.

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Teaser Trailer Gives A hint As To What’s Next

The third season, which features a comic book adaptation, is certain to return sometime in the New Year. Last week, the streamer shared a clip on the show’s Netflix page. It shows the number 3, and a sparrow sits over it. As the video progresses, the sparrow fly toward an umbrella. It seems to have many sparrows inside it. It changes to “J”, and then the bell.

The sparrow in this clip is no doubt a reflection of the Sparrow Academy. We learned more about them in the season finale. Justin H. Min plays Ben. Even the letter J seems to indicate that. We saw that he is alive and leading the Sparrow Academy, as we saw in the final. The bell may hint at where the original siblings are located. They are now staying at Hotel Oblivion after being forced from their home.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode Titles Revealed

Teaser Trailer for The Umbrella Academy Season 3: A Promised Early Release Date! The Sparrow Academy will be involved

Steve unveiled the titles for all ten episodes during Netflix’s Geeked Week in June. The pilot episode “Meet The Family”, which is a family gathering, appears. The sixth episode, titled “Marigold”, will be parallel to its source. The eighth episode, titled “Wedding At The End Of The World,” is currently in production. It looks strange. It might focus on the bizarre wedding of Allison and Luther.

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The two-part finale, titled “Six Bells,” is on the other side. It has its own personality. Steve stated that viewers will be able to see the entire show once they stream it. The finale’s title, “Oblivion”, makes sense. It finally has a meaning. Other episodes titles include Episode 2, World’s Biggest Ball Of Twine and Episode 3, Pocket Full Of Lightning. Episode 4- Kugelblitz, Episode 5- Kindest Cut, and last Episode 7-Auf Wiedersehen.

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