The Asus 8z Release Date, Latest Features, and Details

Asus 8z updates: Apple has done remarkable work in the past by bringing back smaller phones with the introduction of the iPhone Mini. Asus is optimistic about the smaller form factor now, especially since many people have given up on looking at flagship Android phones. The Asus 8z is a refreshing choice! However, the question is: How do users react to big phones?

Review Design and Beauty of Asus 8z

The Asus 8z Release Date, Latest Features, and Details

Modern smartphones are too large for your hands. This is the biggest problem with them. The iPhone 13 is neither too large nor too small, which is the closest smartphone can get to its true size. This isn’t a small phone. The iOS 13 iPhone can be converted to an iOS device. This is not true if you live in an Android-crafted world.

The Google Pixel 4A is a good option, but it’s not flagship-level. The Asus 8z is the perfect companion and makes the iPhone 13 Mini a wallet.

How small is the phone? What size phone can I fit in my handbag? Yes. It’s at least as far I know of the most well-known Android brand in India. The phone can be used with just one hand! It is not small. The Asus 8z is slightly smaller than the iPhone 13 with all its features intact.

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Corning Victus uses gorilla glass to supervise the front panel. It looks dimmed with 3 snow removal. Aluminum frames give the phone a luxurious look.

A small phone is understood by most people as a headphone socket. The phone is 169g lighter than the previous 8z IP68 rating. The power button is easy to access and the point scanner installation is quick and simple.

Asus 8z Update Display & Audio

The Asus 8z Release Date, Latest Features, and Details

Technically, yes, the Asus 8z phone is small, but it never felt uncomfortable to me. The Samsung AMOLED 5.9-inch 8Z display has a 445 PPI rating by pixelx. Flat front panels are used to allow printing on smaller devices. The screen is large enough that people who are trying to restore the Asus 8z might not notice, which can be a good thing.

The HDR10-certified screen supports 120Hz frequency. The display can be set to a variable frequency between 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz. It is believed that the battery was removed. The best internal speakers are found in Asus phones, particularly the ROG-compact gaming handset.

Two audible and two clear speakers are included with the 8z. They can be used to hear normal or join a drone called. The sound from the speakers is a context that touches emotions. For replacement, the phone comes with an old 3.5mm earphone jack.

Battery Life

How does the Asus 8z perform? And is it worth the investment given its price? Users will be pleased to hear that the device has excellent performance. These include the Snapdragon 888 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 as well as the OnePlus 9 Pro.

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It has 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, although microSD is not ideal. This makes it a great pantomime for multitasking. These features allow you to surf the internet, play any games, and open applications.

The phone includes Android 11 and ZenUI Kindle – personal touch connectors such as Samsung’s OneUI or Xiaomi’s MIUI. ZenUI looks more like stock Android, but the ‘blood are’ is smaller.

The UI is very clean and simple, but I am not sure about Asus’ commitment to major software upgrades as soon as possible. What about battery life? The 4000mAh battery lasts for 24 hours.


It also supports 30W charging via cable and an attachment box. Although wireless charging is not supported by the device, it isn’t a huge hit or missed space. However, it looks nice on modern phones these days.


Asus 8z Review Binary cameras can be great, even if they are not fashionable! !

The phone has a 64MP main camera, a 12MP second camera A1 / 1.17 inch Sony IMX686 detector OS and Sony IMX363 a1 /2.25-inch detector, and 113 field view. There is no blasting lens or fixed optic drone. Sony IMX663 front camera 12MP, 1 / 2.93 inch detector. It works astonishingly well.

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