The Battlefield 2042 has been postponed until later this summer

The Battlefield 2042 Updates. According to an extensive briefing from EA, DICE, the Battlefield 2042 technical test has been pushed back to later in the summer. Battlefield players who are dedicated will have to wait a bit longer to take part in the massive, 128-player multiplayer action. They can blame crossplay.

This does not include the expected open beta. It will likely arrive closer to the full game release date due to its lack a launch date. The Battlefield 2042 technical beta playtest will be different from a normal beta test in several ways.

The test will only allow a few thousand participants and will not contain any Battlefield 2042 maps, modes or features. DICE will be able to better understand the game’s capabilities, and make any necessary changes before the October 22 release date.

EA announced in a lengthy blog post that the technical test was delayed from July to later in the summer citing crossplay as the reason. The technical playtest was postponed because the game’s developers are currently fine-tuning crossplay capabilities. This will allow them to test Battlefield 2042’s crossplay before it’s released.

All About The Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 has been postponed until later this summer

The playtest will allow the teams to test some new features and functionality that are being created from the ground up with only a few thousand expected to attend. The test will only be open to users who have an updated EA Playtesting account. It will focus on the game’s technical performance.

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Although it is unfortunate that some potential playtesters will need to wait longer to get involved, it could be a smart move in the long-term. Crossplay will be a great way for Battlefield 2042 to launch with a player base that spans all platforms and consoles. Crossplay should be enabled during the technical playtest to ensure it works at launch and during beta testing.

EA expects Battlefield 2024 crossplay will work across all platforms, including PCs and consoles, after the technical playtest. EA and DICE say they are committed to allowing gamers cross-progression, cross-commerce, and shared accounts across all platforms in Battlefield 2042. This means that gamers will be capable of transferring their in-game progress, as well as any paid content, across all devices they own.

Battlefield 2042 will be available on October 22, 2021 for the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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