The Last Kingdom to End with a Film Titled Seven Kings Must die!

Netflix’s fifth season of its medieval historical drama concluded with Uhtred claiming his ancestral land, Bebbenburg. This isn’t the end of the story in any way. The narrative will continue in The Last Kingdom Film titled Seven kings must die.

The Last Kingdom Movie will be a stand-alone film!

The Last Kingdom is over on Netflix. Uhtred succeeds King Edward as Lord in Northumbria. He also reclaims his ancestral home of Bebbanburg. The last episode of the series provided a satisfying conclusion. Uhtred’s distant third child is born. Edward’s relentless pursuit of a united England indicates that there is more to come, and that Uhtred will have repercussions from his newfound influence. Fans have been curious about the next installment of Netflix’s historical drama since the end of the fifth season.

The Last Kingdom to End with a Film Titled Seven Kings Must die!

Producer Nigel Marchant has provided us with something to talk about. Seven Kings Must Must Die is a standalone movie. The film will not be connected to the main story’s timeline. Merchant stated, “Over the five season, there was very clear beginning, middle, and end. It was therefore a collective decision that we reached. We did however know that there were some more books to follow up from the ending of season 5. We did talk to Netflix early to see if we could get that final piece of the puzzle so it felt complete.

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He stated that ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ would be more of an epilogue than a standalone story. Marchant claims that the plot of the movie will be so simple that all members of the audience can enjoy it. It appears Seven Kings Must Die will be integrated in the Last Kingdom story. Seven Kings Must Die will likely serve as a series finale and an expansion of Last Kingdom fandom.

What Age Will “Uhtred” Be in The Film?

The basis of the forthcoming film Seven Kings Must Die will be the final three volumes of Cornwell’s trilogy: War of the Wolf and Sword of Kings. According to the novel’s timeline Seven Kings Must Die will begin in the year 923 with Skoll (the new Dane leader) and his army of Wolf warriors.

The Last Kingdom to End with a Film Titled Seven Kings Must die!

Sword of Kings is set in 924. Edward’s kingdom would be divided once more after his death. In 937, the final book, War Lord will be closed with the historic Battle of Brunanburgh. Uhtred will be 81 years of age by the end of Seven Kings Must Die. Seven Kings Must Die is Alexander Dreymon’s continuation of Uhtred’s role in The Last Kingdom. Fans might expect that it will closely follow the series’ formula, with Uhtred still being young and active for most of it.

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When is The Last Kingdom Movie Due?

The Last Kingdom to End with a Film Titled Seven Kings Must die!

The streaming platform premiered the fifth and final season Netflix’s The Last Kingdom on March 9, 2022. Fans hoped for a sixth season of the show, but instead, they were informed that the next installment would be a movie. The film’s production has been completed in Hungary but no confirmation has been made about when it will be released. However, multiple sources suggest that it could drop in the early 2023.

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