The Mechanic 3: Is The Third Film Coming? Are There Any Chances? Find Out Here

Jason Statham is one Hollywood icon who has appeared in many action movies. His most loved movie series is The Mechanic. The first two films were huge commercial successes and featured high-intensity action scenes. Many fans have been waiting since then for The Mechanic. But is it possible? Let’s find out.

The Mechanic follows Arthur Bishop, a mob hitman who is extremely skilled with explosives and weapons. He is known for his ability to kill difficult targets and make it seem like an accident, which is what makes him so appealing. Arthur Bishop is an incredibly paranoid man, who is constantly double-crossing and getting double-crossed. The film is an action thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Mechanic 3: Is The Third Film Coming? Are There Any Chances? Find Out Here

In Mechanic: Resurrection 2, Arthur meets Jessica Alba, an angelic children’s shelter worker. You can guess that Bishop is abducted by the bad guys to force her to work for them.

Is There A Mechanic 3?

The Mechanic 2 and 3 were released on January 28th, 2011 and August 26th, 2016, respectively. The Mechanic 3 has yet to be confirmed by either the studio or its producers. The sequel was released five years after the original movie.

The Mechanic 3: Is The Third Film Coming? Are There Any Chances? Find Out Here

It has been nearly seven years since then and there have been no updates on The Mechanic 3. We should not forget Jason Statham’s commitment to other projects. Fans should not be surprised if The Mechanic 3 gets greenlit, even though we don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

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What is The Mechanic3?

The story was picked up in the second film, Mechanic Ressurection. We expect the same from The Mechanic 3, if it is ever made. Arthur finally managed to kill the ghost and get his life back on track at the end of the second movie. He had to convince the rest of the world that he was indeed dead.

The Mechanic 3: Is The Third Film Coming? Are There Any Chances? Find Out Here

In ‘The Mechanical Engineer’ 3, Arthur may have to revert to his past ways due to his enemies from the past. It is quite common for people to have many dangerous enemies in the same line of work as Arthur. They are always looking for their chance. There is a possibility that the third movie will explore Arthur’s past. It is possible that we will find out how Arthur got so great at his job. Where did he learn his skills and master every type of weapon?

The hitman assists Arthur while the gunrunner is at his door. Despite their apparent friendship, it is possible that he could be Arthur’s enemy in The Mechanic. As most of Arthur’s life remains a mystery, there are many threads that could be connected to the storyline in the third film.

Cast Details!

Jason Statham plays the role of Arthur Bishop in the Mechanic franchise. Ben Foster stars as Steve McKenna, Tony Goldwyn plays Dean Sanderson, and Donald Sutherland plays Harry McKenna in the first film. Jeff Chase plays Burke, John McConnell plays Andrew Vaughn, Mini Anden portrays Sarah, and Ralph Greer is Ralph. The film also stars Christa Campbell as Kelly, and Lance E. Nichols, as Henry.

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The Mechanic 3: Is The Third Film Coming? Are There Any Chances? Find Out Here

Jessica Alba plays Gina Thornton in the second film. Tommy Lee Jones portrays Max Adams, and Michelle Yeoh plays Mei. Sam Hazeldine plays Riah Crain in the film. John Cenatiempo plays Jeremy Cocs, and Toby Eddington plays Adrian Cook. There are a few other characters. We don’t know much about The Mechanic 3’s cast, but we can rest assured that Jason Statham will be returning to the role of lead in any third film. There might also be some familiar faces and some new ones in the cast.

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