The Other Two Seasons 3 Renewal Status, Production Details, and Much More

The Other Two Season 3 Updates: HBO Max has renewed The Other Two, a comedy series created by Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly, for a third season.

It premiered on Comedy Central, before moving to Warner Media’s streaming site for the second season. The second season debuted on HBO Max in August. According to the streaming service, the show has been the most watched series on the platform since Season 2. The company did not release any viewing figures.

Drew Tarver, Helene Yorke and Case Walker star in the comedy. This may be the only TV show with a storyline about Justin Bieber getting sick from eating too many eggs.

Their pop star brother Chase Dreams (Case Walker), has retired at the age of 14 and Brooke (Yorke and Cary) now have to deal with a new family member, their mother Pat (Shannon), 53 years old and host her daytime talk show. They make it their mission to not be the Other Two, humiliated by their status.

The Other Two Seasons 3 Cancelled/Renew

The Other Two Seasons 3 Renewal Status, Production Details, and Much More

Gideon Glick and Josh Segarra were among Season 2’s recurring cast members. Wanda Sykes was also in the cast. Ali Ahn and Jordana Brewster were among the Season 2 recurring cast members.

Kelly and Schneider released a statement saying, “We are terribly perturbed to see HBO Max throw its weight behind a program that has so many foot jokes. And we are totally happy it is ours.” It has been amazing to see how our show resonates with so many people. We are grateful to HBO Max that we can return for another season with such an incredible cast and crew.

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“Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider have created a cutting-edge and touching family drama that is willingly to highlight its characters’ shortcomings while making us laugh uncontrollably,” Suzanna Makkos (HBO Max’s EVP for Original Comedy and Adult Animation). It was a pleasure to welcome them all to HBO Max. I look forward to keeping Brooke on the phone for the conference calls.

Kelly and Schneider wrote, executive produced, and directed The Other Two. It also stars Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, Tony Hernandez, Jax Media’s Tony Hernandez, Ari Pearce, and Samantha Schles, MTV Entertainment Studio’s exec producers. Broadway Video’s producers include Toye Adegboro and Eddie Michaels. Hilary Marx serves as co-executive producer.

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