The PlayStation Store may have Dragon Age 4’s appearance as a sign of progress

PlayStation Store has found a Dragon Age 4 file. This would indicate that the game is currently in development and could be released soon.

The PlayStation Store game file would indicate that the game is much further along than fans believed. Although the game has not yet been released, the discovery of the file points to an imminent announcement by EA about the release date and a playable alpha testing.

After 2014’s Dragon Age Inquisition, this is the first Dragon Age game for seven years. Although not much information has been released about the game, teaser trailers and tweets provide some insight. Christian Dailey (executive producer at BioWare), tweeted that Grey Wardens would be back on center stage, and that the setting will be Tevinter Imperium.

It will be a single-player RPG, similar to its predecessors. Blake Jorgensen, EA’s Chief Financial Officer, revealed during an earnings call in 2019 that A Dragon Age 4 would be released sometime after April 2022.

The PlayStation Store may have Dragon Age 4’s appearance as a sign of progress

The PlayStation Store may have Dragon Age 4's appearance as a sign of progress

It was therefore surprising to discover a game file in the PlayStation Store. Although it is unlikely that the game would be released earlier than expected, the file could indicate that a demo of or playable alpha might soon be available on PlayStation.

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A Twitter user found the Alpha file for Dragon Age 4 in the PlayStation Store. He tweeted about it, claiming that the Alpha file would be available in July. Although it’s not clear if the game will receive a public beta test, it is evident from the discovery that this game is in its final stages.

EA removed the live-service multiplayer requirement for games earlier this year. EA granted BioWare permission to improve the single-player experience after the success of Star-Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Many people thought that the abrupt shift in Dragon Age 4’s plans would delay its release, but the newly discovered file made them reconsider.

Play Live, which will take place July 22nd, will be focused on Battlefield 2042. It is due to release this October. EA hasn’t confirmed whether it will show any Dragon Age 4 content during Play Live, but the newly discovered alpha file for Dragon Age 4 could indicate otherwise.

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