The Purge Season 3: James DeMonaco’s View on The Future of The Show?

Imagine a world where there is no crime, poverty or unemployment. But it may not be as idyllic as it seems. The Purge’s first two seasons have provided enough blood-curdling and nail-biting moments. Fans have been eagerly awaiting The Purge Season 3. Let’s now discuss the third season.

USA Network’s The Purge, a gritty dystopian drama series, is set in the same universe of the film franchise. The Tv series was created by James DeMonaco in 2018. Since then, it has won over fans with its unique concept.

Is there a third season of the Purge?

The Purge Season 3: James DeMonaco's View on The Future of The Show?

The Purge Tv Series’ second season premiered on USA Network, October 15, 2019. Five movies have been made from The Purge’s commercial success. In May 2021, the USA network cancelled Purge Season. The network did not give any specific reasons for the cancellation. Many speculate that the cancellation was caused by the low ratings of the second season and the large budget necessary to produce it.

The Purge Season 3: What could’ve happened?

According to Season 2 of The Purge television show, there was a faction of rebel fighters that formed after the New Founding Fathers of America killed and executed civilians off-Purge. This movement could have had an influence on the development of The Purge: Election Year. Charlie Roan ran for president to end The Purge and destroy the NFFA.

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The Purge Season 3: James DeMonaco's View on The Future of The Show?

Roan may have been able to abolish The Purge since she was elected after Election Year. It’s possible that the formation of the resistance faction, which was only formed at the end season two, was a precursor for Roan’s entire platform. This could explain why she ran for governor.

The Purge Seasons 1 and 2 have different universes. They are not connected. The Purge Season 3 may have a completely different storyline when it returns. The Purge franchise uses flashbacks, time jumps and timelines. It is therefore difficult to predict the exact timeline for The Purge Season 3.

Who will be featured in the third season?

The Purge Season 3: James DeMonaco's View on The Future of The Show?

Gabriel Chavarria stars as Miguel Guerrero in Purge TV series. Penelope Guerrero is played Jessica Garza. Hannah Anderson stars as Jenna Betancourt, Amanda Warren plays Jane Barbour, while Colin Woodell plays Rick Betancourt.

Other cast members include Lili Simmons, Lee Tergesen, Joe Owens, Paola Nunez, Joel Allen, and Esme Carmona. In the second season, Max Martini and Marcus Moore were joined by Derek Luke. We expect most of the cast to return for The Purge Season 3. The season could also feature some new faces.

What did The Creator say about The Purge Season 3:

The fate of The Purge Season 3 remains in doubt, but James DeMonaco, creator of The Purge Tv Series, spoke about his plans for a third season. DeMonaco discussed a potential season 3 idea for The Purge series. He said that he wasn’t happy about the cancellation of the second season. He stated that he had ideas for the next season. James stated that he would like to explore the Purge idea outside of the United States. He mentioned that the cancellation was due to political reasons.

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The Purge Season 3: James DeMonaco's View on The Future of The Show?

He said, “No, between me and you, I wish the television show continued.” I had an idea for Season 3, which I was extremely excited about. I was the show’s manager. And, I was not showrunning. We had two great showrunners, and I worked closely with them both years. We had more places to explore.” He added that he liked the TV series’ real estate, which allowed him to spend 10 hours exploring the Purge conceit. It allowed them to accomplish things such as Season 2 between Purges. That would have been impossible in a movie. It was great to explore the things that were not possible with films.

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