The Rescue Will Start Streaming on Disney+ December 3

Hollywood Records released The Rescue Updates today. The original song by Aloe Blacc, a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, “Believe” was co-written by Gary Go and Daniel Pemberton. The entire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Academy Award-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton was also released by Hollywood Records.

The Rescue premiered at Telluride Film Festival 2021 to great acclaim. It also won the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival for Best Documentary the next year. The festival circuit has awarded audience prizes to the Camden Film Festival and Mill Valley Film Festival, Bend Film Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival among others.

The film was released in cinemas on October 8, 2021. It is one of three documentaries that has exceeded $1 million in box-office receipts. Rotten Tomatoes gives “The Rescue” a perfect score of E.

“At its core, “The Rescue” is a story about individuals from different ethnicities, languages and cultures joining together to achieve a common purpose,” Chai Vazarhelyi, Jimmy Chin said. We are thrilled to be able present the film to audiences all over the country and the world via Disney+. This will allow them to witness this amazing story of human achievement, compassion, and perseverance.

An ordinary stroll after soccer practice in 2018 became a two-week survival adventure and a story that caught the attention around the world. They were locked up in a cave two kilometers deep, and there was a lot of anticipation. Next came the challenge of how to free them. This was immediate, obvious, and perplexing.

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All About The Rescue

The Rescue Will Start Streaming on Disney+ December 3

The Rescue is an emotional and gripping account of one the most extraordinary and daring rescues in history. The film shows us inside the cave and highlights the efforts of the Royal Thai Navy Seals and US Special Forces. It also recounts the brave expedition of cave divers to rescue the boys. There are unique interviews and unreleased footage.

As it shows the dangers of cave diving and the heroic rescuers who show incredible compassion and heroism, audiences are on the edge. Vasarhelyi, Chin and their rescue team record an incredible feat of physical strength. They reveal the details of what seemed impossible in a similar fashion to their documentaries Free Solo, Meru.

Disney Music published the entire film’s soundtrack, which was nominated for an Academy Award. The original song “Believe”, written by Aloe Blacc and co-written with Celeste, has also been published by Disney Music. He was nominated in 2021 for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, “Hear My Voice”, which he co-wrote along with Celeste. He also received Film Composer Of The Year from the World Soundtrack Academy.

Pemberton worked on projects with Danny Boyle (Yesterday Steve Jobs), Ridley Scott (“All the Money in the World”, The Counsellor), Aaron Sorkin (“The Trial of the Chicago 7 Being The Ricardos”), Darren Aronofsky (“The Trial of the Chicago 7 Being The Ricardos”), and Welcoming to Earth, One Strange Rock”.

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The Rescue Cinematic Experience

The Rescue Will Start Streaming on Disney+ December 3

Pemberton stated that “The Rescue” was a dramatic and exhilarating cinematic event. Chai and Jimmy, however, wanted the audience relieved and hopeful. We were given the task of writing a song that was upbeat and that reflected the idea that one could believe in the impossible.

Rick Stanton, one of the UK divers, is stunned and horrified to see the boys enter the cave. Later, when Derek Anderson, the US Marine, asks, “What is the impossible?” There are two important moments in the film we were all drawn to.

It was a great adventure working with Gary Go and Aloe Blacc on something that will hopefully represent that rare moment of global joy and optimism.

Aloe Blacc, singer/songwriter from “Belief” stated that the world’s most difficult issues are only as hard as our willingness to work together as a global community to resolve them. We can overcome any obstacle if we work together.

Original distribution of The Cave and the Academy Award, BAFTA Award and seven-time Emmy Award-winning films Free Solo and Free Solo were done by National Geographic Documentary Films.

Rebuilding Paradise by Ron Howard, Sundance Audience Award Winners Science Fair and Sea of Shadows by Jane, Emmy winners LA 92, Jane and Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria, and the Rise of ISIS were among the critically acclaimed films that came under the banner.

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