The Sinner Season 4, Episode 2: Ambrose takes over Percy’s disappearance case, uncovers mysteries! What’s next??

Detective Ambrose, who recently retired from retirement is now going to dig deeper into the disappearance of Percy Muldoon in The Sinner Season 4 Episode 2. Ambrose was on vacation with Sonya to Janover Island in northern Maine for the first episode. The Jamie Burns Case trauma still haunted Ambrose. He had to get out of retirement after the disappearance of the daughter of an elite family. Detective Ambrose was the only one who saw Percy leap off the cliff.

Ambrose was hired by the family of the girl to investigate the incident. We saw Ambrose trying to keep his sanity and searching for answers in the first episode. What will happen in The Sinner Season 4 Episode 2, you ask? Continue reading to find the synopsis, promo and the release date for the next episode.

Season 4 Episode 2 Preview: What’s the Deal?

The next episode of The Sinner Season 4 will feature Harry investigating Percy’s disappearance. Sonya suggests to Harry that he is having a difficult time and should drop this case. Ambrose informs him that he cannot abandon the case because he was the last to see Percy. Ambrose meets a new suspect in the second episode, “Part II.” He will also discover a long-standing feud between two elite families on the Island, the Muldoons and the Lams.

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Muldoons’ disappearance of their daughter might be the reason for his rivalry. We will also see him constantly flitting between reality and imagination, often confused about what is true. Percy’s dark side could be revealed by Meg, her family matriarch, who may also be responsible for her disappearance. Ambrose will also see Percy while she is lost as he searches for answers in the second episode. In the next episode, there are some very important secrets.

The Sinner Season 4, Episode 2: Ambrose takes over Percy's disappearance case, uncovers mysteries! What's next??

Here’s a quick recap:

The first episode of Season 4 of The Sinner featured Ambrose and Sonya on vacation to Hanover Island. Ambrose didn’t fully recover from the trauma he experienced in his last case. Ambrose also quit his job to be with his partner and take care of his health. Ambrose met Percy Muldoon, and the situation changed quickly. He first saw her leap off the cliff.

Ambrose called emergency services and they began looking for the girl under the water. Ambrose was shocked to discover that they had not found the girl in the water. He struggled with his sanity and was eventually offered the opportunity to investigate the disappearance the Muldoon daughter. Ambrose began his investigation when he met Percy and her relatives to get to know her better. The fourth season of The Sinner Season 4 will show Ambrose getting closer to being a suspect.

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The Sinner Season 4, Episode 2: Ambrose takes over Percy's disappearance case, uncovers mysteries! What's next??

Season 4 Episode 2 of The Sinner: Premiere Date

The Sinner Season 4’s second episode will air at 10:09c on October 20, 2021. Every new episode airs on Wednesdays on USA Network. Season 4 will have seven episodes. Prepare yourself for an episode of The Sinner that is horrendous and don’t forget to keep checking back for more information.

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