Tiger King Season 2: This Fall, It’s Back! What’s next for Joe Exotic??

Netflix has confirmed that the rumored Tiger King Season 2 will soon return to your screens after a year-long hiatus. The original true crime drama series on Netflix explores the connection between big-cat conservationists and American collectors. The series’ main focus is on Tiger King Joe “Exotic”, who oversees an Oklahoma roadside animal park called G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood.

Misguided Joe, along with other incredible casts including drug kingpins and cult leaders share the same passion for big cats. The series turns dark when Carole Baskin, an animal activist, enters the scene and threatens to seize their business. This fuels the rivalry between Joe, Carole and eventually leads to the discovery of a twisted tale. Let’s now see how Tiger King Season 2 unfolds.

Who could be in the Cast?

Tiger King Season 2: This Fall, It's Back! What's next for Joe Exotic??

Although it is not clear how things will play out and who will be returning in Tiger King Season 2, a previously released statement suggests that one of the main characters will not return. In the first season, we saw the intense rivalry between Carole Baskin (Exotic) Schreibvogel. Baskin made a statement that she would not be returning to Netflix in 2021, shortly after Netflix ordered the second season. Baskin stated that she did not know how Netflix would pull off the second run while Joe was in jail. She also refused to return.

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Baskin made this statement via Cargo Films (the company behind The Conservation Game). Rebecca Chaiklin, series director of The Conservation Game, came forward shortly after Baskin spoke. She stated that she wanted to share what happened to her in Tiger King. Rebecca stated that there is no explanation for the false portrayal or betrayal. Baskin even told her to drop her number soon after the first season. It’s clear that Carole Baskin will not be part of the show.

Tiger King Season 2: What’s Next?

Tiger King Season 2: This Fall, It's Back! What's next for Joe Exotic??

We don’t know much about the second season of Tiger King. In the first season, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin were in a feud. The rivalry turned sour in the final episode. Joe, a country singer and gun-toting polygamist was arrested for plotting Baskin’s murder-for-hire. Joe is currently serving a 17 year sentence in prison.

Netflix confirmed that Tiger King Season 2 will return in the near future, but it did not reveal much information about what fans can look forward to from the next season. Rebecca said that there is still a lot of footage to be explored after the premiere season. They can continue on to season 2, as there are many stories still to tell. Rebecca also promised that the second season would be just as exciting and vibrant as the first.

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Tiger King Season 2: When will it Return?

Finally! The second season of Tiger King Season 2 was announced at Netflix’s TUDUM conference that it will be returning this fall after 18 months. The news was announced with a short refresher video that highlights the events of the first season, before revealing the official release date. You can now breathe a sigh relief! The second season of Tiger King Season 2 will be available exclusively on Netflix on November 17. Enjoy and keep checking back for more updates.

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