Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch: K-drama is the best kind of addiction. The South Korean film and TV industry has been captivating us for almost 50 years.

It’s been a long-standing tradition for K-drama lovers, but the recent wins of ‘Parasite” at the 2020 Academy Awards as well as Netflix’s latest hit ‘Squid Game’ have pushed people from all corners of the globe into the vast K-drama region like a hurricane.

Many viewers have become interested in South Korean television after watching ‘Squid Game. This list is for viewers who have lost their interest in South Korean television after watching ‘Squid Game’. It also explains how to choose from the vast array of choices.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 K Dramas on Netflix.

10. Romance is a Bonus book-

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

This rom-com is based on the popular U.S TV series “Younger”. It tells the story about a talented young editor who falls in love with a former copywriter desperately in need of work. As viewers are hooked to the series, their sweet and warm story unfolds.

9. Squid Game

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

“Squid Game” is a reality game that’s based on children’s play, but has mortal threat as the basis for elimination. As viewers take their time to process the shock, they are stunned by the sound of the gun and blood splash.

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The real winner is the show’s effective handling of class issues underneath the violence. K-drama is so popular that even people who aren’t into it, binge-watched it.

8. Memories of Alhambra-

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

Another game show. This time, however, the game is a reality video. Players can travel to an alternate universe to find weapons that they can use in real life. The sci-fi series comes to a climax when Jung Se-Joo, the developer of the game, discovers a deadly bug. There’s also the K-romance that will entice you.

7. The Trap-It Cheese

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

One college junior Hong Seol, a hardworking college student, and one senior Yoo Jung, a manipulative college student, fall in love. The viewers are able to see a difficult-to-avoid romance cum psychological drama and become further entangled with the world of Kdrama.

6. The K2-

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

Here, you will find complicated and dirty politics. Here is where you will find serious action. As a bodyguard to the wife of a presidential candidate, a fugitive is hired. This creates a road of betrayal and vengeance as well as stunts and loose morals. It is believed that Ji Chang-wook didn’t have a stuntman for the fight scenes.

5. Boys over Flowers

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

This Korean drama is a fan favorite and aired nearly a decade ago. It still enjoys great popularity and guilty pleasure. The FT is a group of wealthy and popular high school students who become interested in a girl from a different world.

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4. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung-

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

The drama between Goo Haieryung, a single, noble lady who aspires to be a historian, and Yi Rim, a handsome prince, who is a secret romance writer. This series is set in the Joseon Dynasty and will definitely give you a ‘Little Women’ vibe.

3. You are in danger of crashing landing

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

A paragliding trip goes wrong for Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), a South Korean businesswoman. She lands in North Korea, where she meets Captain Lee Jeonghyeok (Hyun Bin), and ultimately his heart. The 2019 series will provide you with the warm, romantic feeling that K-drama is known for.

2. Sweet Home

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

This horror K-drama is filled with monsters of all shapes and sizes. Cha Hyun-soo must fight alongside his fellow survivors to save humanity. The apocalyptic series ranked in the top three of Netflix’s top ten shows right after it was released. This will provide you with unaffected entertainment.

1. It’s OK to Not Be Okay

Top 10 Netflix K-Drama Series To Watch

Two people who are different and have their own problems in life meet. They are both a health worker with a dark past and a writer for children who has a personality disorder.

Their low-key romance sets the stage for a passionate, mature love story. This K-drama is a fan favorite. You will fall in love and feel a sense positive energy and peace within yourself.

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