When Is Genius Season 4: Releasing on Nat Geo All Eyes on Martin Luther King Jr.

Nat Geo’s “Genius” is about the lives and achievements of great minds from all over history. This show is unique in the way it shows these thoughts. Fans and critics loved the first three seasons of Genius. Genius Season 4 is now in the works.

The series about Einstein or Picasso might also explore the scientific discoveries of the former and the artistic styles of the latter. It is the humanization of these geniuses that makes the series so enjoyable. They have the same interests and quirks we do. After

Genius Season 4: What to Expect?

The third season covered the entire life and journey of Aretha Franklin. Season 3 focused on Aretha Franklin’s musical genius. The incredible struggles and unmatched career of Aretha Franklin, along with the incalculable influence she had on music and culture, were all highlights. The season’s final episode ends with Cynthia Erivo’s story. This is to show her relationship and the difficult path she took to achieve her success.

When Is Genius Season 4: Releasing on Nat Geo All Eyes on Martin Luther King Jr.

According to reports Genius Season 4 will be dedicated Martin Luther King Jr.’s genius. The series might hire a writer staff, as there isn’t much information about the upcoming season. A diverse cast will ensure King’s legacy is not lost, contrary to popular belief. Malcolm X will be featured in the season, since the two leaders had a similar journey in the American Civil Rights Movement.

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Genius Season 4’s official synopsis states that King “promoted racial equality through peaceful protest.” Malcolm X fought for Black empowerment, identity, and self-determination. King and Malcolm X were accompanied by their formidable wives Coretta Scott King (and Betty Shabazz), who became synonymous with civil rights and the fight for racial justice and economic justice.

When is the Fourth Season?

When Is Genius Season 4: Releasing on Nat Geo All Eyes on Martin Luther King Jr.

National Geographic Channel aired the third season of this anthology series on March 21, 2021. Deadline reported in December 2020, that Nat Geo had approved the series for a fourth-season. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the production of the third and fourth seasons took longer. All of this was simply the talk of the past. Genius Season 4 will be back on March 22, 2023.

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