Who Is Andrew Form? Know All The Details About Alexandra Daddario’s Husband

Alexandra Daddario, an internet sweetheart, was recently married to Andrew Form in an intimate ceremony on July 1, 2022. While some horror fans might be familiar with her husband’s name, many people don’t. Here’s the scoop on Andrew Form.

Andrew Form: Who are you?

Who Is Andrew Form? Know All The Details About Alexandra Daddario’s Husband

Andrew Form was born February 3, 1969. He is an American producer of television and film. He co-founded three well-known companies, including Platinum Dunes, in addition to his role as a producer. Andrew and Jordana were engaged on November 4, 2006. They later married on May 6, 2007. They split in June 2021, just weeks after they filed for divorce in 2020. Andrew is the father of two sons.


Andrew Form started his career in low-paying jobs and then moved into film production as a personal assistant to Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Simpson and others. He was first recognized producer of the 1995 documentary “The Making of Crimson Tide.” He produced a variety of films over the next few years, including “Trading Favors,”” “Kissing a Fool,”and “The Shrink Is In.”

Who Is Andrew Form? Know All The Details About Alexandra Daddario’s Husband

His breakthrough as a producer of movies came in 2003 with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He produced many other highly successful films, including “The Hitcher, The Unborn”, “Horses,” Friday the 13th, and “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

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He worked on films such as The Purge, The Occult and The Purge: Anarchy. Form’s passion for thriller and horror films allowed him to choose these films for production. In 2014, Form was also the producer of “Black Sails,” an action-drama series. Andrew made The Forever Purge in 2021, which is the latest movie in The Purge Series.

Alexandra Daddario Takes Boyfriend Andrew Form As Her Husband!

Alexandra Daddario, long-time boyfriend of Andrew Form, got married on July 1, 2022. Daddario shared photos from her wedding on Instagram. Priyanka Chopra, a co-star in “Baywatch”, congratulated the couple and said, “Awesome, congratulations to you both.” Andrew Form and Alexandra Daddario were together since 2020. Daddario shared a black-and white photo of the couple on Instagram on May 13, 2021.

Daddario and Form attended the HBO series The White Lotus premiere on July 20, 2021. It is not known how Daddario and Form first connected. His successful career has been a testament to this. It’s not surprising that they fell in love. Andrew Form married Jordana Brewster in May 2007. They had two children together.

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