Who Is Neon Voice Actor In Valorant? You Will Be Surprised

Riot Games has created a game that is unique for e-sports fans. Valorant is an FPS tactical game that combines tactical gunplay with agents with special abilities. It’s 5v5 and character-based. The game was launched in June 2020, and the most recent episode was released in January 2022. It features a brand new agent. Riot Games’ newest Duelist agent, Neon (introduced in the Episode 4 Act 1 trailer), has been a huge hit with players.

The bigger question Neon’s introduction raised isn’t about her unique abilities or features. It is actually the friendly voice that voices the character that makes it more human and appealing. Who is Valorant’s new agent Neon’s voice actor? Continue reading to learn more!

Who is Neon and What Are Her Abilities

Neon, the newest Duelist agent, was added to Valorant in the fourth episode. Neon is from Manila, Philippines and was the 19th agent to join the Belorant protocol. This trailer provided a glimpse into Neon’s capabilities and backstory. Her electronic abilities allow her to move faster and more agilely. Neon can surge forward at incredible speeds and releases bursts bioelectronic radiation as fast as her body can produce them. After catching her enemies off guard, she is known to attack faster than lightning.

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Overdrive is her first special ability. Neon can unleash full power and speed in very short bursts. Her power can be channeled to fire a deadly beam of energy with high speed accuracy. Fast Lane is Neon’s second ability. Two energy lines can be fired into the ground by Neon, which transforms into walls of static electricity. As they move through the wall, it blocks enemy vision and causes damage to their eyes.

Who Is Neon Voice Actor In Valorant? You Will Be Surprised

Neon also has High gear, a third special ability. Neon has the ability to channel her power for greater speed. The high gear allows her to start an electric slide, making her more agile and faster. Relay Bolt is the fourth and final ability. Neon is able to hit an energy bolt which electrifies the ground, creating a concussive blast that damages everyone on the field. Fans are curious about Neon’s unique abilities. She says that she will show them “if i wish to”.

Who is the Actress Behind Velorant Agent Neon’s Voice?

Vanille Velasquez is the voice behind Velorant’s 19th Agent neon. Through her amazing voice-over talents, the actress managed to bring a Filipino flavor to Neon. Vanille, a voice actress aged 23 who lives in the Philippines, is an original Filipino voice actor. At the age of 11, she became interested in voice acting. She has also voiced a number of characters from anime and video games in commercial videos. Vanille was honored by Velorant’s newest agent Neon and her work with Riot Games.

Vanille revealed to fans that she was the actress behind Neon’s voice on Twitter. Vanille said that it was an amazing experience. It was still a shock to her that e-sports fans fell in love with her voice.

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Vanille started her career with “Dubbing Academy” in 2016. She took voice acting and dubbing workshops on the Philippine anime TV channel, Hero TV. She has also worked on several English and Tagalog projects. Vanille has also voiced many video game characters, including Naoko from Ikai and Renee & Gessa++ in Valor Legends Eternity, Lolang Ysora (Bayani), Selinda in Genesis, among others. After the reveal of the agent at the game, we got to hear more from Vanille.

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