Xiaomi MIUI 13: Global Updates, Devices and New Features! !

MIUI 13 Updates and New Features: MIUI 13: These are the Xiaomi phones that have received a new Miui 13 update. This update is available around the globe. Notably, the Global version doesn’t have the same features as the Chinese one.

It appears to be an extended version of MIUI 12.5. Xiaomi has prioritized performance over most features in every MIUI version. That way you will see faster storage, improved background performance/processing, and longer battery life.

MIUI 13 compatible Devices listing: January 2022 Xiaomi 12 Pro Xiaomi 12 Xiaomi 12X Mi 11 Ultra Mi 11 Pro Mi 11

MIUI 13 has notable features such as Liquid Storage and Atomized Memory, Smart Balance, Sidebar and Widgets. Fluid storage is designed to increase the writing speed and memory capacity. There is also the atomized storage feature, which improves RAM management on Xiaomi/Redmi phones.

This function uses system resources to allocate them to the operating system. This increases fluidity and responsiveness. Smart Balance, which balances power and performance, extends battery life. This feature will allow Xiaomi to increase the battery life up to 10%. Xiaomi

Smart sidebar is a floating window with one swipe that brings with it a floating sidebar. To access their favorites apps, users can add them to the sidebar.

Xiaomi also introduces new widgets to MIUI 13. These widgets are based on the iPhone 13. You can arrange them in lists of 2×1,2×2, 2×3, 4,×3, 4×2, or 4x4array sizes. Weather, security, clock and notes are just a few of the widgets available.

MIUI 13 Pad

Xiaomi MIUI 13: Global Updates, Devices and New Features! !

During the launch event, Xiaomi also revealed MIUI 13 Pad alongside MIUI 13 smartphones. MIUI 13 Pad, an enhanced version of Xiaomi’s Android skin, is available for large-screen devices. The showcase’s properties are enhanced with additional features.

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Xiaomi also collaborated with developers to optimize apps in this new tablet interface. The company claims that more than 3,000 apps are optimized for larger screens.

The MIUI 13 Pad has additional features that will improve the performance of multitasking on large screens in addition to the previously mentioned features. These include a fast toggle between full-screen and windowed modes, window sizes, and a global taskbar that supports drag-and-drop multitasking. To improve productivity, the MIUI 13 Pad supports a variety keyboard shortcuts.

The New Features

MIUI 13 offers a series transitions that include a new engine which prevents or reduces the degrading of writing skills in backend. It will be able to operate for up to 36 months with liquid storage of 5 percent and atomized storage technology, thereby extending the device’s life.

Xiaomi revealed additional performance enhancements to the MIUI 13 during the Redmi Note 11 global launch.

Liquid storage: Xiaomi claims this feature is a smart encryption tool that actively manages data on the device. This will increase storage performance over the life of the device, according to the company.

Atomic Memory: This feature, which is similar to liquid storage, controls how much RAM applications use. The app splits the application into complex and unnecessary processes, and skips the initial. At this point, it is not clear what he will do when he leaves the job.

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Concentrated Algorithms (CA): This feature “becomes an automated resource variable based upon terms of use.” It allows applications to use more CPU power to increase performance.

Smart Balance: Xiaomi claims this feature will increase battery life by balancing power consumption and performance requirements.

Mi Magic Center: This starts with the Mi Magic Center, which allows users to manage all aspects of the Xiaomi ecosystem from one window.

MiSans: This new font, MiSans, is simple and easy to read. It’s suitable for both English and Chinese.

Mi Smart Hub: MIUI 13 introduces a beta version to Mi Smart Hub that offers the most connected information of all smart devices.

Powerful widgets: Xiaomi has introduced MIUI 13 dynamic widgets that include new dynamic wallpapers, face verification, document watermark, and communication fraud protection.

These claims need to be evaluated, as always, so we will continue to work on MIUI 13. If this information is continued, Xiaomi fans should feel very satisfied with the progress.

Other important features include:

Countdown Reminders for water intake Suggestions about what to eat today Xiao AI custom virtual assistant A custom avatar Protection from spam / spam Malicious files Transfer Plus small game widgets

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